Ecologikol provides 3D whole building simulations which help Architects, Builders, & consultants to accurately estimate and compare a building's performance across various scenarios.

Having been in the sustainability space for more than a decade and executed multiple projects globally  for certifications, automation & evaluation of buildings, our team is primed to deliver maximum value.

"Extreme climate events are exacerbating the global warming problem and make imperative the need to adhere to the 1.5 degree Celsius limit over the next decade.  While there is no easy way out, the world needs all hands-on deck to achieve needed deep carbon emission cuts.  It is important that all low hanging fruits such as building energy optimization are harvested before attempting actions that need significant resources and political will. 

Therefore quick adoption of technologies such as calibrated energy simulations and building digital twins take on a very important role.

Ecologikol with its deep expertise as a solution provider to a wide spectrum of organizations in the Industrial, commercial, health care, hospitality and residential sectors, is well poised to mine this opportunity and help battle climate change – One building at a time."



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"Buildings currently contribute to approximately 40 percent of the world’s GHG (Greenhouse Gas) emissions. In recognition of this fact, several regions across the world have pledged to make their built-environment “Net-Zero” in terms of GHG emissions & electricity consumption. While several stakeholders are actively trying to achieve such lofty goals, a huge gap exists by way of knowledge & implementation. The challenges faced by Governments and private entities are manyfold in this respect.

Although many green-certified and code-compliant buildings exist, further studies have revealed that a significant portion of these buildings are big energy guzzlers. This is because most of these buildings have been designed without considering how the building envelope, systems, building controls and the weather interact.

We at Ecologikol see the use of 3D whole-building modeling as a great tool to help address this urgent need. With the help of state-of-the-art energy simulation software, building owners & key decision makers can now evaluate the technical & financial feasibility of implementing different ECMs (Energy Conservation Measures). Moreover, other aspects of a building such as the thermal comfort of its occupants & the use of low-environmental impact materials can be studied with the help of such software.

Further, a large part of the world’s buildings was built several years ago and are currently leaking energy due to outdated construction materials & building systems. Additionally, the control systems of these buildings aren’t optimized for energy efficiency & often have systems that run at full load when not required. We aim to be at the forefront of providing world-class energy efficiency retrofit solutions to buildings world-wide. Having worked on projects across multiple regions globally, we bring more than a decade of project experience along with a vision that will transform the way buildings are designed & operated.

Here’s to a bright future for our planet."

Rohan Kaushik

Vice president